Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ

41. The more parts of your brain you use, the more likely you are to __________ information.

A. use
B. miss
C. retain
D. misuse

Correct Answer: C. retain

42. Which one of the following is measured by continuous comprehensive evaluation?

A. Holistic development
B. Development of creativity
C. Development of experience
D. Development of divergent thinking

Correct Answer: A. Holistic development

43. The conclusion of a deductive argument is

A. certain
B. probable
C. experience
D. observation

Correct Answer: A. certain

44. Which of the following is a dimensional teaching aid?

A. Black Board
B. Display Board
C. Still Picture
D. Model

Correct Answer: D. Model

45. The most recent response is most likely to

A. forget
B. reoccur
C. compromised
D. does not occur again

Correct Answer: B. reoccur

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