Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ

46. Rousseau advocated an educational method which consisted of removing the child from

A. school
B. burden
C. society
D. past memory

Correct Answer: C. society

47. Who advocated removing children from their mothers’ care and raising them as wards of the state?

A. Plato
B. Socrates
C. Aristotle
D. John Locke

Correct Answer: A. Plato

48. The Waldorf education approach emphasizes a balanced development of

A. head and heart
B. heart and hands
C. head and hands
D. head, heart, and hands

Correct Answer: D. head, heart, and hands

49. Plato believed that talent and intelligence are

A. distributed genetically
B. distributed gender-wise
C. not distributed genetically
D. not distributed gender-wise

Correct Answer: C. not distributed genetically

50. A priori knowledge is a knowledge that is known independently of

A. analysis
B. evidence
C. experience
D. information

Correct Answer: C. experience

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