Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ

6. Term PSRN in development implies–

A. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
B. Problem solving relationship and numeracy
C. Perceptual skill, reasoning and numeracy
D. Perceptual skill, relationship and numbers

Correct Answer: C. Perceptual skill, reasoning and numeracy

7. “Individual learns from his own mistakes” This statement is based on which learning theory?

A. Instrumental conditioning
B. Insight
C. Trial & Error
D. Classical conditioning

Correct Answer: C. Trial & Error

8. What should be the role of teacher in meeting the individual differences?

A. Try to know the abilities, interest and aptitude of individuals
B. Try to adjust the curriculum as per the needs of individuals
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. None of these

Correct Answer: C. Both (A) and (B)

9. Teachers should present information to the students clearly and in interesting way, and relate this new information to the things students

A. don’t know
B. already know
C. willing to know
D. not willing to know

Correct Answer: B. already know

10. If a child has a mental age of 5 years and a chronological age of 4 years than what will be the IQ of the child?

A. 125
B. 80
C. 120
D. 100

Correct Answer: A. 125

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