Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ

21. Which is different from the other three with respect to fine motor Movement ?

A. Dot Joining
B. Dictation
C. Handwriting
D. Separation of fruits and vegetables

Correct Answer: D. Separation of fruits and vegetables

22. At the pre-primary stage reading aloud while writing is given importance. This is based on which theory of learning ?

A. Trial & Error
B. Conditioning
C. Insight
D. Imitation

Correct Answer: B. Conditioning

23. According to Emile, the noblest work in education is to make a/an

A. thinker
B. entrepreneur
C. good citizen
D. reasoning man

Correct Answer: C. good citizen

24. Which one of the following is not taken into consideration while preparing the blue-print for a test ?

A. Topic
B. Instructional objectives
C. From of questions
D. Teaching time

Correct Answer: D. Teaching time

25. The field of study concerned with the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making is called

A. Pedagogy
B. Education
C. Epistemology
D. Cognitive Development

Correct Answer: D. Cognitive Development

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