Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 2

1. When you omit parameters from a function call, values can be provided by

A. formal parameters
B. reference parameters
C. overloaded parameters
D. default parameters

Correct Answer:  D. default parameters

2. The first element in a string is

A. the name of the string
B. the first character in the string
C. the length of the string
D. the name of the array holding the string

Correct Answer:  B. the first character in the string

3. Variables declared outside a block are called _____

A. global
B. universal
C. stellar
D. external

Correct Answer:  A. global

4. The compiler converts your C++ instructions into _____
A. edited code
B. object code
C. source code
D. translated code

Correct Answer:  B. object code

5. A fundamental type such as int or double is a _____

A. programmer-defined type
B. complex type
C. nonscalar type
D. scalar type

Correct Answer:  D. scalar type

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