Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 2

16. In a class specifier, data or functions designated private are accessible

A. to any function in the program
B. only if you know the password
C. to member functions of that class
D. only to public members of the class

Correct Answer:  C. to member functions of that class

17. When a function includes a throw statement for errors, the call to the potentially offending function should be placed within a _____ block

A. throw
B. try
C. catch
D. scope

Correct Answer:  B. try

18. The scope resolution operator is

A. a comma
B. a semicolon
C. a colon
D. two colons

Correct Answer:  D. two colons

19. “C++” is a _____ constant

A. character literal
B. named literal
C. numeric literal
D. string literal

Correct Answer:  D. string literal

20. In a C++ program, which of the following can be thrown?

A. scalar variables
B. programmer-defined objects
C. both (a) and (b)
D. neither (a) nor (b)

Correct Answer:  B. programmer-defined objects

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