Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 2

41. Evaluate the following expression: 7 >=3 + 4 || 6<4 && 2<5

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer:  A. True

42. The base class for most stream classes is the _____ class

A. ios
B. out
C. in
D. app

Correct Answer:  A. ios

43. Which of the following while clause will stop the loop when the value in the age variable is less than the number 0?

A. while age < 0
B. while (age < 0)
C. while age >= 0;
D. while (age >= 0);
E. while (age >= 0)

Correct Answer:  E. while (age >= 0)

44. The most efficient data type for a variable that stores the number 4.6e20 is the _____ data type

A. Character
B. Double
C. Float
D. Long Integer
E. Short Integer

Correct Answer:  C. Float

45. Which of the following is a C++ object?

A. cin
B. >>
C. iostream
D. read()

Correct Answer:  A. cin

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