Minerals – Section 1

11. What is the main source of natural fluoride?

A. Mushrooms
B. Potatoes
C. Meat
D. Water

Correct Answer: D. Water

12. Which of the following mineral is involved in the enzyme -controlled energy-yielding reactions of metabolism?

A. Calcium
B. Phosphorus
C. Iron
D. Copper

Correct Answer: B. Phosphorus

13. The mineral which aids in the utilization of iron and in hemoglobin synthesis is

A. calcium
B. phosphorus
C. cobalt
D. copper

Correct Answer: D. copper

14. The mineral which is considered important in maintaining electrical potential in nerves and membranes is

A. magnesium
B. manganese
C. calcium
D. iron

Correct Answer: A. magnesium

15. Wilson’s disease is an example of __________ and Menkes’ syndrome is an example of __________ .

A. zinc deficiency; zinc toxicity
B. zinc toxicity; zinc deficiency
C. copper deficiency; copper toxicity
D. copper toxicity; copper deficiency

Correct Answer: D. copper toxicity; copper deficiency

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