Minerals – Section 1

6. Which of the following carbohydrate is effective in promoting the calcium absorption?

A. Lactose
B. Maltose
C. Sucrose
D. Xylose

Correct Answer: A. Lactose

7. What condition is caused by iodine deficiency during pregnancy and is characterized by stunted growth, deafness, and mental retardation?

A. Cretinism
B. Keshan disease
C. Multiple sclerosis
D. Crohn’s disease

Correct Answer: A. Cretinism

8. Iodine is a part of the thyroid hormone and is essential for the prevention of

A. goiter
B. osteoporosis
C. muscle weakness
D. diarrhea

Correct Answer: A. goiter

9. What transports copper from the intestinal cells to the liver?

A. Ceruloplasmin
B. Secretin
C. Acrolein
D. Albumin

Correct Answer: A. Ceruloplasmin

10. Which group is most often affected with copper deficiency?

A. Elderly woman
B. Alcoholics
C. Active toddlers with limited
D. Preterm infants food variety

Correct Answer: A. Elderly woman

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