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1. In which year Haryana was formed as a separate state

(A)  1962
(B)  1966
(C)  1969
(D)  1972

Correct Answer: (B)  1966

2. Which one is recognised as a state tree of Haryana

(A)  Sal
(B)  Neem
(C)  Peepal
(D)  Deodar

Correct Answer: (C)  Peepal

3. Total number of districts in Haryana

(A)  16
(B)  18
(C)  20
(D)  22

Correct Answer: (D)  22

4. Which one is the largest district by area wise in Haryana

(A)  Bhiwani
(B)  Sirsa
(C)  Hisar
(D)  Jind

Correct Answer: (A)  Bhiwani

5. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana

(A)  Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
(B)  Bansi Lal
(C)  Banarsi Das Gupta
(D)  Bhajan Lal

Correct Answer: (A)  Bhagwat Dayal Sharma

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