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6. In which year, Haryana becomes the first state to achieve 100% electrification in rural area

(A)  1965
(B)  1970
(C)  1978
(D)  1989

Correct Answer: (B)  1970

7. The literacy rate of Haryana according to 2011 census

(A)  72.5%
(B)  76.6%
(C)  78.3%
(D)  80.7%

Correct Answer: (B)  76.6%

8. Which one is the largest city by area wise in Haryana

(A)  Gurgaon
(B)  Rohtak
(C)  Chandigarh
(D)  Faridabad

Correct Answer: (D)  Faridabad

9. In which year the National Games is schedule to be held in Haryana for the first time

(A)  2016
(B)  2018
(C)  2020
(D)  2022

Correct Answer: (D)  2022

10. The Haryana Formation day is celebrated on

(A)  3rd August
(B)  15th September
(C)  1st November
(D)  8th December

Correct Answer: (C)  1st November

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