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31. The first book that was printed in Telugu is

(A) The Bible
(B) Rajasekhara Charitramu
(C) Kalapurnodayam
(D) Sathya Harishchandra

Correct Answer: (B) Rajasekhara Charitramu

32. In which year P. Anandacharyulu became the President of the Indian National Congress

(A) 1887
(B) 1888
(C) 1890
(D) 1891

Correct Answer: (D) 1891

33. Which of the following is the first novel in Telugu

(A) Malapalli
(B) Ramachandra Vijayam
(C) Rajasekhara Charitramu
(D) Hemalatha

Correct Answer: (C) Rajasekhara Charitramu

34. The author of “Mahaprasthanam” was

(A) Arudra
(B) Srirangam Sreenivasa Rao
(C) Gopichand
(D) Devulapalli Krishna Sastry

Correct Answer: (B) Srirangam Sreenivasa Rao

35. Tanguturi Prakasam is called Andhra Kesari for his bravery exhibited during the

(A) Vandemataram Movement
(B) Non-Cooperation Movement
(C) Boycott of Simon Commission
(D) Quit India Movement

Correct Answer: (C) Boycott of Simon Commission

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