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11. Which one is the largest city by areawise in Andhra Pradesh

(A) Hyderabad
(B) Vijayawada
(C) Visakhapatnam
(D) Guntur

Correct Answer: (C) Visakhapatnam

12. When the Andhra University was established

(A) 1920
(B) 1926
(C) 1930
(D) 1937

Correct Answer: (B) 1926

13. When Seshachalam Hills declared as biosphere reserves of India

(A) 2006
(B) 2008
(C) 2010
(D) 2012

Correct Answer: (C) 2010

14. The Srisailam Dam is built on the river

(A) Godavari
(B) Krishna
(C) Tungabhadra
(D) Swarnamukhi

Correct Answer: (B) Krishna

15. In which year the Telangana state is separated from Andhra Pradesh

(A) 2011
(B) 2012
(C) 2013
(D) 2014

Correct Answer: (D) 2014

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