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66. Largest irrigated area in Andhra Pradesh comes under the influence of river

(A) Krishna
(B) Penna
(C) Godavari
(D) Tungabhadra

Correct Answer: (C) Godavari

67. As per the geographical divisions of India, the state of Andhra Pradesh falls under the following division

(A) Northern Plain region
(B) Middle Indian Ridge
(C) Southern Slopes
(D) Eastern Ghats and Coastal region

Correct Answer: (D) Eastern Ghats and Coastal region

68. Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries are in which district

(A) Visakhapatnam
(B) Srikakulam
(C) Vizianagaram
(D) West Godavari

Correct Answer: (B) Srikakulam

69. With which country’s technical help, Visakhapatnam steel plant was established

(C) UK
(D) West Germany

Correct Answer: (A) USSR

70. Coffee plants are grown in Andhra Pradesh in the following region

(A) Horsley Valley
(B) Araku Valley
(C) Tala Kona
(D) Srisailam valley

Correct Answer: (B) Araku Valley

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