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61. What is the name of the annual festival held at Lake Pulicat and Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary

(A) Pelican festival
(B) Wood Pecker festival
(C) Heron festival
(D) Flamingo festival

Correct Answer: (D) Flamingo festival

62. Which of the following forests of Andhra Pradesh finds place in the biosphere reserves of India

(A) Simhachalam Hills
(B) Seshachalam Hills
(C) Araku Valley
(D) Srisailam Hills

Correct Answer: (B) Seshachalam Hills

63. What is the forest cover in Andhra Pradesh in 2015 as a percentage of the total geographical area

(A) 15.32 %
(B) 17.72 %
(C) 18.62 %
(D) 18.77 %

Correct Answer: (B) 17.72 %

64. The origin of rivers Tunga and Bhadra is at

(A) Bramagiri
(B) Mahabaleshwar
(C) Nandi Durga
(D) Varaha Parvata

Correct Answer: (D) Varaha Parvata

65. On which date President of India granted assent to the AP Reorganization Act, 2014

(A) 1st March 2014
(B) 1st April 2014
(C) 15th April 2014
(D) 1st October 2014

Correct Answer: (A) 1st March 2014

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