The Relational Model and Normalization – General Questions

1. Every time attribute A appears, it is matched with the same value of attribute B, but not the same value of attribute C. Therefore, it is true that:

A. A → B.
B. A → C.
C. A → (B,C).
D. (B,C) → A.

Correct Answer:  A. A → B.

2. The different classes of relations created by the technique for preventing modification anomalies are called:

A. normal forms.
B. referential integrity constraints.
C. functional dependencies.
D. None of the above is correct.

Correct Answer:  A. normal forms.

3. A relation is in this form if it is in BCNF and has no multivalued dependencies:

A. second normal form.
B. third normal form.
C. fourth normal form.
D. domain/key normal form.

Correct Answer:  C. fourth normal form.

4. Row is synonymous with the term:

A. record.
B. relation.
C. column.
D. field.

Correct Answer:  A. record.

5. The primary key is selected from the:

A. composite keys.
B. determinants.
C. candidate keys.
D. foreign keys.

Correct Answer:  C. candidate keys.

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