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1. Which one is the only Indian state who shares its border with Sikkim

(A)  Assam
(B)  Bihar
(C)  West Bengal
(D)  Arunachal Pradesh

Correct Answer: (C)  West Bengal

2. The total number of recognised official languages in Sikkim is

(A)  2
(B)  5
(C)  9
(D)  11

Correct Answer: (D)  11

3. In which year, the Indo-Sikkimese Treaty was signed

(A)  1945
(B)  1947
(C)  1949
(D)  1950

Correct Answer: (D)  1950

4. In which year, Sikkim becomes a part of India as its 22nd state

(A)  1972
(B)  1975
(C)  1978
(D)  1980

Correct Answer: (B)  1975

5. In Bangladesh, the Teesta River joins with the

(A)  Ganga River
(B)  Brahmaputra River
(C)  Mohana River
(D)  Gomti River

Correct Answer: (B)  Brahmaputra River

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