Micro Organisms – Section 1

21. The five-kingdom system of classification was set up by

A. Louis Pasteur
B. Robert Whittaker
C. Robert Koch
D. Masaki Ogata

Correct Answer: B. Robert Whittaker

22. The membranes of which domains are chemically the most similar?

A. Archaea and Bacteria
B. Bacteria and Eukarya
C. Eukarya and Archaea
D. membranes of all three domains are chemically identical

Correct Answer: B. Bacteria and Eukarya

23. Primary differences between cilia and flagella are

A. arrangement of microtubules
B. length and location of basal bodies
C. how the microtubules are fused to each other
D. number, length and direction of force

Correct Answer: D. number, length and direction of force

24. All membranes of free-living organisms have phospholipid bilayers, but exception is

A. bacteria
B. fungi
C. archaea
D. protozoa

Correct Answer: C. archaea

25. All of the following are features of prokaryotes except

A. nitrogen fixation
B. photosynthesis
C. sexual reproduction
D. locomotion

Correct Answer: C. sexual reproduction

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