Micro Organisms – Section 1

51. All the following are considered eukaryotes except

A. archaea
B. fungi
C. protozoa
D. humans

Correct Answer: A. archaea

52. Which cell type is considered to have the oldest ancestor?

A. Archaea
B. Bacteria
C. Eukarya
D. they all share the same ancestor

Correct Answer: D. they all share the same ancestor

53. What is Mycology?

A. Study of viruses
B. Study of nucleic acid
C. Study of bacteria
D. Study of fungi

Correct Answer: D. Study of fungi

54. Which of the following organelles contain DNA, divides and possesses some degree of autonomy?

A. Golgi apparatus
B. Ribosome
C. Chloroplast
D. Peroxisomes

Correct Answer: C. Chloroplast

55. All of the following individuals contributed to cell theory except

A. Robert Hooke
B. Matthias Schleiden
C. Theodor Schwann
D. Rudolf Virchow

Correct Answer: A. Robert Hooke

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