Viruses in Eukaryotes – Section 1

1. Which of the following is the agent associated with the development of neurodegenerative disease in livestock and humans?

A. Prions
B. Viroids
C. virions
D. Virions

Correct Answer: A. Prions

2. __________is probably the most important characteristic for classification of viruses in eukaryotes.

A. Host preference
B. Morphology
C. Physical nature of virion constituents
D. Chemical nature of virion constituents

Correct Answer: A. Host preference

3. The __________ of the influenza-enveloped virus appears to be involved in attachment to the host cell receptor site.

A. fimbriae
B. flagella
C. hemagglutinin
D. neuraminidase

Correct Answer: C. hemagglutinin

4. Intracellular structures formed during many viral infections, called __________ , which can directly disrupt cell structure.

A. prokaryotes
B. chromosomal disruptions
C. inclusion bodies
D. cytocidal bodies

Correct Answer: C. inclusion bodies

5. Viral RNA is replicated in the host cell

A. cytoplasmic matrix
B. nucleus
C. mitochondria
D. lysosomes

Correct Answer: A. cytoplasmic matrix

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