Synthesis of Therapeutic Agents – Section 1

6. Human growth hormone (hGH) is secreted by

A. pituitary gland
B. hypothalamus
C. pancreas
D. none of these

Correct Answer: A. pituitary gland

7. The promoter used for cloning HBV surface antigen is

A. galactokinase
B. alcohol dehydrogenase 1
C. β-galactosidase
D. polyhedrin

Correct Answer: B. alcohol dehydrogenase 1  

8. Recombinant vaccine for HBV was produced by cloning viral genes in

A. plasmids
B. cosmids
C. autonomously replicating plasmid of yeast
D. phagemids

Correct Answer: C. autonomously replicating plasmid of yeast  

9. The first therapeutic product formed by means of recombinant DNA technology is

A. human growth hormone
B. insulin
C. hepatitis B vaccine
D. vaccine for foot and mouth disease

Correct Answer: B. insulin  

10. Which one of the following capsid protein of picornavirus is immunogenic in nature?

A. VP1
B. VP2
C. VP3
D. VP4

Correct Answer: A. VP1  

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