Photosynthesis and Respiration – Section 1

16. In cells having organelles, the steps of the Krebs cycle and the electron transport system occur in the

A. cell membrane
B. mitochondria
C. endoplasmic reticulum
D. none of these

Correct Answer: B. mitochondria

17. As a result of the photosynthetic process, which product is formed?

A. Oxygen
B. Water
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Both (a) and (b)

Correct Answer: A. Oxygen

18. A eukaryotic cell that can carry out only fermentation instead of the complete aerobic respiration of glucose

A. produces less CO2
B. is lacking in O2
C. has mitochondria present
D. all of these

Correct Answer: D. all of these

19. What is the maximum absorption wavelength for photosystem I in green plants?

A. 550 nm
B. 600 nm
C. 700 nm
D. 750 nm

Correct Answer: C. 700 nm

20. Carbon dioxide is reduced in

A. noncyclic photophosphorylation
B. the Calvin cycle
C. the light reactions
D. both light and dark reactions

Correct Answer: B. the Calvin cycle

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