Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 11

31. The standard output stream, which refers to the computer screen, is called

A. cin
B. cout
C. stin
D. stout
E. None of the above

Correct Answer:  B. cout

32. Which of the following operators is the equality operator?

A. !=
B. =
C. ==
D. ->>
E. <>

Correct Answer:  C. ==

33. In C++, you use _____ to perform standard input and output operations

A. characters
B. sequences
C. streams
D. tests

Correct Answer:  C. streams

34. Values that are used to end loops are referred to as _____ values

A. end
B. finish
C. sentinel
D. stop

Correct Answer:  C. sentinel

35. Which of the following flowchart symbols represents the if selection structure?

A. diamond
B. hexagon
C. oval
D. parallelogram
E. rectangle

Correct Answer:  A. diamond

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