Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 11

1. A function whose purpose is to send messages to other functions is known as a _____

A. dispatcher
B. courier
C. messenger
D. sender

Correct Answer:  A. dispatcher

2. With commercial classes, the function source code is usually________

A. printed on high-quality paper
B. poorly written
C. provided on a disk
D. provided in object form

Correct Answer:  D. provided in object form

3. The type of value that a function sends back to the function that calls it is known as its _____

A. type
B. return value
C. reference data
D. sentinel

Correct Answer:  B. return value

4. Assume that a program includes the short *agePtr = NULL; statement. The name of the pointer is _____

A. *agePtr
B. agePtr

Correct Answer:  B. agePtr

5. Which of the following are never inherited?

A. public data members
B. constructor functions
C. void functions
D. overloaded + operators

Correct Answer:  B. constructor functions

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