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16. What is the total length of the international border that Mizoram shares with Bangladesh and Myanmar

(A) 689 Km
(B) 704 Km
(C) 722 Km
(D) 756 Km

Correct Answer: (C) 722 Km

17. Who was the first Governor of Mizoram after becoming a statehood

(A) P. R. Kyndiah
(B) Hiteswar Saikia
(C) M. M. Lakhera
(D) A. Padmanabhan

Correct Answer: (B) Hiteswar Saikia

18. Total number of assembly constituencies in Mizoram is

(A) 40
(B) 45
(C) 48
(D) 54

Correct Answer: (A) 40

19. What is the density of population in Mizoram

(A) 49 Per Sq. Km
(B) 50 Per Sq. Km
(C) 52 Per Sq. Km
(D) 54 Per Sq. Km

Correct Answer: (C) 52 Per Sq. Km

20. What percent of the state is covered with forest

(A) 76.45 percent
(B) 82.14 percent
(C) 86.66 percent
(D) 88.93 percent

Correct Answer: (D) 88.93 percent

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