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6. Who was the first Chief Minister of Mizoram

(A)  Lal Thanhawla
(B)  Laldenga
(C)  T. Sailo
(D)  Ch. Chhunga

Correct Answer: (D)  Ch. Chhunga

7. Which one is the largest lake in Mizoram

(A)  Rih Dil
(B)  Tam Dil
(C)  Palak lake
(D)  None of the above

Correct Answer: (C)  Palak lake

8. The Mizoram University was established in the year

(A)  1998
(B)  2001
(C)  2003
(D)  2005

Correct Answer: (B)  2001

9. In which year, the great famine known as ‘Mautam Famine’ in Mizo history had occured

(A)  1952
(B)  1955
(C)  1959
(D)  1963

Correct Answer: (C)  1959

10. The Pukzing Cave is located in which district

(A)  Mamit
(B)  Lawngtlai
(C)  Aizawl
(D)  Serchhip

Correct Answer: (C)  Aizawl

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