1. Which layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment?

1. Switch
2. NIC
3. Hub
4. Repeater
5. RJ45 transceiver

A. 1 only
B. 1 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 5 only

Correct Answer: C. 3 and 4

2. Routers operate at layer _____. LAN switches operate at layer _____. Ethernet hubs operate at layer _____. Word processing operates at layer _____.

A. 3, 3, 1, 7
B. 3, 2, 1, none
C. 3, 2, 1, 7
D. 3, 3, 2, none

Correct Answer: B. 3, 2, 1, none

3. Which of the following describe router functions?

A. Packet switching
B. Packet filtering
C. Internetwork communication
D. Path selection
E. All of the above

Correct Answer: E. All of the above

4. Why does the data communication industry use the layered OSI reference model?

1. It divides the network communication process into smaller and simpler components, thus aiding component development, design, and troubleshooting.
2. It enables equipment from different vendors to use the same electronic components, thus saving research and development funds.
3. It supports the evolution of multiple competing standards and thus provides business opportunities for equipment manufacturers.
4. It encourages industry standardization by defining what functions occur at each layer of the model.

A. 1 only
B. 1 and 4
C. 2 and 3
D. 3 only

Correct Answer: B. 1 and 4

5. A receiving host has failed to receive all of the segments that it should acknowledge. What can the host do to improve the reliability of this communication session?

A. Send a different source port number.
B. Restart the virtual circuit.
C. Decrease the sequence number.
D. Decrease the window size.

Correct Answer: D. Decrease the window size.

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