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11. Which among the following was the work of Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq?

(A) Fautuhat-i-Ferozshahi
(B) Fatawa-i-Jahandari
(C) Tarikh-i-Ferozshahi
(D) Tughlaqnama

Correct Answer: (A) Fautuhat-i-Ferozshahi

Answer Explanation:
Fautuhat-i-Ferozshahi was authored by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq himself. He was a Turkic Muslim ruler of the Tughlaq Dynasty, who reigned over the Sultanate of Delhi from 1351 to 1388 A.D.

12. Who among the following has written the famous Bangla book “Agni Vina”?

(A) Rabindra Nath Tagore
(B) Kazi Nazrul Islam
(C) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
(D) Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Correct Answer: (B) Kazi Nazrul Islam

Answer Explanation:
Kazi Nazrul Islam was a famous Bengali poet, musician and revolutionary who pioneered poetic works invoking powerful spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression. Accomplishing a plethora of highly praised works through his life, Nazrul is officially known as the ‘National poet of Bangladesh’ and celebrated in India.

13. Who among the following is considered to be the originator of the khayal and tarana styles of Hindustani Classical Music?

(A) Niyamat Khan
(B) Mohammad Shah Rangile
(C) Amir Khusro
(D) Tansen

Correct Answer: (C) Amir Khusro

Answer Explanation:
Amir Khusro was a Sufi mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya. He was a poet as well as a prolific musician. He is regarded as the “father of qawwali”. He is also credited with enriching Indian classical music by introducing Persian and Arabic elements in it and was the originator of the khayal and tarana styles of music. Khayal later reached to its zenith during the times of Mohammad Shah Rangila and today is an integral part of Hindustani classical music.

14. Which among the following sects was founded by Saint Tukaram?

(A) Pranami Sampraday
(B) Varkari Sect
(C) Rudra Sampradaya
(D) Sri Sampradaya

Correct Answer: (B) Varkari Sect

15. Which among the following is NOT correctly matched? (Founders of Famous Gharanas)

(A) Gwalior Gharana – Nanthan Khan
(B) Jaipur Gharana – Alladia Khan
(C) Agra Gharana – Haji Sujan Khan
(D) All are correct

Correct Answer: (D) All are correct

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