Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics – Section 1

21. The discharge over a rectangular notch is (where b = Width of the notch, and H = Height of liquid, above the sill of the notch)


Correct Answer: Option C

22. The discharge through a siphon spillway is


Correct Answer: Option A

23. The maximum discharge over a broad crested weir is

A. 0.384 Cd x L x H1/2
B. 0.384 Cd x L x H3/2
C. 1.71 Cd x L x H1/2
D. 1.71 Cd x L x H3/2

Correct Answer: D. 1.71 Cd x L x H3/2

24. In a venturimeter, the velocity of liquid at throat is __________ than at inlet.

A. higher
B. lower

Correct Answer: A. higher

25. The loss of head due to friction in a pipe of uniform diameter in which a viscous flow is taking place is (where RN = Reynold number)

A. 1/RN
B. 4/RN
C. 16/RN
D. 64/RN

Correct Answer: C. 16/RN

26. Which of the following is an example of laminar flow?

A. Underground flow
B. Flow past tiny bodies
C. Flow of oil in measuring instruments
D. all of these

Correct Answer: D. all of these

27. The pressure less than atmospheric pressure is known as

A. suction pressure
B. vacuum pressure
C. negative gauge pressure
D. all of these

Correct Answer: D. all of these

28. The total energy line lies over the hydraulic gradient line by an amount equal to the

A. pressure head
B. velocity head
C. pressure head + velocity head
D. pressure head – velocity head

Correct Answer: B. velocity head

29. A structure whose width is __________ the width of the channel is called a flumed structure.

A. less than
B. more than

Correct Answer: A. less than

30. The maximum efficiency of transmission through a pipe is

A. 50%
B. 56.7%
C. 66.67%
D. 76.66%

Correct Answer: C. 66.67%

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