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1. Who was the ruler of Goa before it becomes a part of India

(A)  British
(B)  Dutch
(C)  Portuguese
(D)  French

Correct Answer: (C) Portuguese

2. In which year the Operation Vijay was conducted resulting in the annexation of Goa

(A)  1947
(B)  1961
(C)  1967
(D)  1977

Correct Answer: (B)  1961

3. In which year Goa recognised as a State

(A)  1980
(B)  1982
(C)  1985
(D)  1987

Correct Answer: (D)  1987

4. Which one is the largest city by areawise in Goa

(A)   Vasco da Gama
(B)   Panaji
(C)   Margao
(D)   Ponda

Correct Answer: (A)   Vasco da Gama

5. Which one is the longest beach in Goa

(A)   Anjuna Beach
(B)   Colava Beach
(C)   Vagator Beach
(D)   Palolem Beach

Correct Answer: (B)   Colava Beach

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