General Plant Biotechnology – Section 1

1. Which group of plants has the greatest diversity (i.e. the most species) living today?

A. Bryophyta
B. Lycophyta
C. Gymnosperms
D. Angiosperms

Correct Answer: D. Angiosperms

2. Which group of land plants is most restricted to moist environments?

A. Lycophyta
B. Sphenophyta
C. Bryophyta
D. Angiosperms

Correct Answer: C. Bryophyta

3. What single feature is probably most responsible for the success of angiosperms?

A. Seeds
B. Fruit
C. Broad leaves
D. Flowers

Correct Answer: D. Flowers

4. Auxanometer is used for measuring

A. respiratory activity
B. photosynthetic activity
C. growth activity
D. osmotic pressure

Correct Answer: C. growth activity

5. In angiosperm, the endosperm is

A. haploid
B. diploid
C. triploid
D. none of these

Correct Answer: C. triploid

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