General Plant Biotechnology – Section 1

6. Gypsum is beneficial for

A. phosphorus enriched soil
B. waterlogged soil
C. alkaline soil
D. saline soil

Correct Answer: C. alkaline soil

7. The study of the interaction between a living organism and the environment is called

A. ecosystem
B. phytogeography
C. ecology
D. photo sociology

Correct Answer: C. ecology

8. Lichen involves two organisms as

A. virus and bacteria
B. algae and bacteria
C. algae and fungi
D. fungi and mosses

Correct Answer: C. algae and fungi

9. A very common mutualistic, symbiotic relationship between a fungus and the roots of a plant is

A. lichen
B. mycorrhizal
C. ascomycete
D. basidiomycete

Correct Answer: B. mycorrhizal

10. Archaebacteria differ from the true bacteria as they have

A. different cell membrane lipids
B. cell wall composition
C. ribosomal RNA structure
D. growth not inhibited by antibiotics

Correct Answer: B. cell wall composition

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