Data Modeling with ER Model – General Questions

11. An attribute that names or identifies entity instances is a(n):

A. entity.
B. attribute.
C. identifier.
D. relationship.

Correct Answer:  C. identifier.

12. Properties that describe the characteristics of entities are called:

A. entities.
B. attributes.
C. identifiers.
D. relationships.

Correct Answer:  B. attributes.

13. In which of the following can many entity instances of one type be related to many entity instances of another type?

A. One-to-One Relationship
B. One-to-Many Relationship
C. Many-to-Many Relationship
D. Composite Relationship

Correct Answer:  C. Many-to-Many Relationship

14. Entities of a given type are grouped into a(n):

A. database.
B. entity class.
C. attribute.

Correct Answer:  B. entity class.

15. Which of the following is NOT a basic element of all versions of the E-R model?

A. Entities
B. Attributes
C. Relationships
D. Primary keys

Correct Answer:  D. Primary keys

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