Data Modeling with ER Model – General Questions

6. Which of the following indicates the minimum number of entities that must be involved in a relationship?

A. Minimum cardinality
B. Maximum cardinality
D. Greater Entity Count (GEC)

Correct Answer:  A. Minimum cardinality

7. Which of the following refers to something that can be identified in the users’ work environment, something that the users want to track?

A. Entity
B. Attribute
C. Identifier
D. Relationship

Correct Answer:  A. Entity

8. In which of the following is a single-entity instance of one type related to many entity instances of another type?

A. One-to-One Relationship
B. One-to-Many Relationship
C. Many-to-Many Relationship
D. Composite Relationship

Correct Answer:  B. One-to-Many Relationship

9. Which of the following refers to an entity in which the identifier of one entity includes the identifier of another entity?

A. Weak entity
B. Strong entity
C. ID-dependent entity
D. ID-independent entity

Correct Answer:  C. ID-dependent entity

10. Which type of entity is related to two or more associated entities that each contain specialized attributes that apply to some but not all of the instances of the entity?

A. Supertype entity
B. Subtype entity
C. Archetype entity
D. Instance entity

Correct Answer:  A. Supertype entity

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