World Geography – Section 3

31. The planet with the maximum number of natural satellites (moons), so far discovered is

A. Jupiter
B. Neptune
C. Saturn
D. Uranus

Correct Answer: A. Jupiter

32. The river Jordan drains into the

A. Dead Sea
B. Adriatic Garden
C. Gulf of Suez
D. Resaca Garden

Correct Answer: A. Dead Sea

33. The ratio of land to ocean in the southern hemisphere is

A. 1 to 1.5
B. 1 to 1
C. 1 to 4
D. 1 to 10

Correct Answer: C. 1 to 4

34. The phosphate are a group of minerals of one or more metallic elements chemically associated with the phosphate compound ____

A. PO4
B. PO3
C. PO2

Correct Answer: A. PO4

35. The polar diameter is ____ to the equatorial diameter.

A. More
B. Equal
C. Less
D. They cannot be compared

Correct Answer: C. Less

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