Transport of Molecules in Plant – Section 1

1. A widely accepted explanation for the transport of sugar in phloem is called

A. root pressure theory
B. transpiration
C. pressure flow hypothesis
D. cytoplasmic streaming

Correct Answer: C. pressure flow hypothesis

2. Phloem is composed of

A. vessel elements and companion cells
B. tracheids and vessel elements
C. sieve-tube elements and companion cells
D. tracheids and sieve-tube elements

Correct Answer: C. sieve-tube elements and companion cells

3. The movement of most minerals, including potassium into root cells is by

A. osmosis
B. diffusion
C. bulk flow
D. active transport

Correct Answer: D. active transport

4. The evaporation of water from leaves is called

A. transpiration
B. cohesion
C. tension
D. pressure flow

Correct Answer: A. transpiration

5. Normally CO2and O2enter a plant by

A. osmosis
B. active transport
C. diffusion
D. evaporation

Correct Answer: C. diffusion

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