Sports General Knowledge

1. What does the Olympic Flame symbolize?

(A) zeal to play sports
(B) Challenge
(C) Continuity
(D) Integrity

Correct Answer: (C) Continuity

2. Sandy storm” is the autobiography of which among the following veteran cricketers?

(A) Dilip Vengsarkar
(B) Mohinder Amarnath
(C) Sandeep Patil
(D) Roger Binny

Correct Answer: (C) Sandeep Patil

3. India played its first one day international with which country and in which year?

(A) England 1975
(B) Australia 1976
(C) New Zealand 1975
(D) England 1978

Correct Answer: (A) England 1975

4. In which among the following years, the Modern Olympic Games were held for the first time?

(A) 1889
(B) 1896
(C) 1876
(D) 1898

Correct Answer: (B) 1896

5. What is the approximate maximum weight of Golf Ball as per Rules of Golf?

(A) 20 gms
(B) 25 gms
(C) 40 gms
(D) 45 gms

Correct Answer: (D) 45 gms

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