Plant Genetics – Section 1

1. In case of incomplete dominance, the phenotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross will be

A. 1:2:1
B. 3:1:1
C. 1:3:1
D. 1:1:2

Correct Answer: A. 1:2:1

2. In the meiotic cell division in daughter, cells are produced by two successive division in which

A. first division is equational, second is reductional
B. first division is reductional and second is equational
C. both divisions are reductional
D. both divisions are equational

Correct Answer: A. first division is equational, second is reductional

3. What is the approximate size (in kb) of the melon mitochondrial genome?

A. 600 kilobase
B. 1200 kilobase
C. 2400 kilobase
D. 3000 kilobase

Correct Answer: C. 2400 kilobase

4. When an organism has a life cycle with alternation of generations, the haploid generation is the

A. zygote
B. gametophyte
C. gamete
D. sporophyte

Correct Answer: B. gametophyte

5. When do kinetochore microtubules pull chromosomes towards opposite spindle poles?

A. In anaphase A
B. In anaphase B
C. In metaphase
D. In telophase

Correct Answer: A. In anaphase A

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