Oxidative Phosphorylation – Section 1

1. FAD is reduced to FADH2 during

A. electron transport phosphorylation
B. lactate fermentation
C. Krebs cycle
D. glycolysis

Correct Answer: C. Krebs cycle

2. During glycolysis, electrons removed from glucose are passed to

C. acetyl CoA
D. pyruvic acid

Correct Answer: B. NAD+

3. A biological redox reaction always involves

A. an oxidizing agent
B. a gain of electrons
C. a reducing agent
D. all of these

Correct Answer: D. all of these

4. Coenzyme Q is involved in electron transport as

A. directly to O2
B. a water-soluble electron donor
C. covalently attached cytochrome cofactor
D. a lipid-soluble electron carrier

Correct Answer: D. a lipid-soluble electron carrier

5. The carbon dioxide is primary a product of

A. Krebs cycle
B. glycolysis
C. electron transport phosphorylation.
D. lactate fermentation.

Correct Answer: A. Krebs cycle

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