Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 4

1. You typically initialize a String variable to _____

A. an asterisk
B. a space enclosed in single quotes
C. the number 0
D. a zero-length string

Correct Answer: D. a zero-length string

2. The set of instructions for how to tie a bow is an example of the _____ structure

A. control
B. repetition
C. selection
D. sequence
E. switching

Correct Answer: D. sequence

3. If no exception is thrown ________

A. a catch block will cause an error
B. the first catch block coded will execute
C. the last catch block coded with execute
D. any catch blocks coded with be bypassed

Correct Answer: D. any catch blocks coded with be bypassed

4. A program that predicts the exact sequence in which events will take place is said to be ________

A. compiled
B. interpreted
C. procedural
D. object-oriented

Correct Answer: C. procedural

5. A blueprint for creating an object in C++ is called _____

A. a class
B. an instance
C. a map
D. a pattern
E. a sketch

Correct Answer: A. a class

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