Networking Basics

1. How long is an IPv6 address?

A. 32 bits
B. 128 bytes
C. 64 bits
D. 128 bits

Correct Answer: D. 128 bits

2. What flavor of Network Address Translation can be used to have one IP address allow many users to connect to the global Internet?

B. Static
C. Dynamic

Correct Answer: D. PAT

3. What are the two main types of access control lists (ACLs)?

1. Standard
3. Extended
4. Specialized

A. 1 and 3
B. 2 and 4
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 2

Correct Answer: A. 1 and 3

4.  What command is used to create a backup configuration?

A. copy running backup
B. copy running-config startup-config
C. config mem
D. wr mem

Correct Answer: B. copy running-config startup-config

5. You have 10 users plugged into a hub running 10Mbps half-duplex. There is a server connected to the switch running 10Mbps half-duplex as well. How much bandwidth does each host have to the server?

A .100 kbps
B. 1 Mbps
C. 2 Mbps
D. 10 Mbps

Correct Answer: D. 10 Mbps

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