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6. The Battle of Kohima was fought in the year

(A)  1939
(B)  1941
(C)  1944
(D)  1945

Correct Answer: (C)  1944

7. Who was the first Chief Minister of Nagaland

(A)  P. Shilu Ao
(B)  Hokishe Sema
(C)  T.N. Angami
(D)  S. C. Jamir

Correct Answer: (A)  P. Shilu Ao

8. Which one is the official language of Nagaland

(A)  English
(B)  Hindi
(C)  Nagamese
(D)  Konyak

Correct Answer: (A)  English

9. The Sekrenyi festival is mainly observe by

(A)  Ao Tribe
(B)  Angami Tribe
(C)  Chang Tribe
(D)  Konyak Tribe

Correct Answer: (B)  Angami Tribe

10. Which one is the highest peak in Nagaland

(A)  Japvo
(B)  Mol Len
(C)  Saramati
(D)  Dapha Bum

Correct Answer: (C)  Saramati

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