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1. Which day is celebrated as the Maharashtra Day

(A)  3rd June
(B)  1st May
(C)  16th August
(D)  3rd September

Correct Answer: (B)  1st May

2. The Maharashtra State was formed by the Bombay Reorganisation Act in the year

(A)  1956
(B)  1958
(C)  1960
(D)  1964

Correct Answer: (C)  1960

3. In which year, Elephanta Caves designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

(A)  1972
(B)  1978
(C)  1982
(D)  1987

Correct Answer: (D)  1987

4. Which one is the highest point in Maharashtra

(A)  Kalsubai
(B)  Raigad
(C)  Lohagad
(D)  Mahabaleshwar

Correct Answer: (A)  Kalsubai

5. Approximately how many forts are there in Maharashtra

(A)  150
(B)  200
(C)  270
(D)  350

Correct Answer: (D)  350

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