Indian Economy

31. Non Tax revenues can be increased by improving the working of the

A. State Road Transport Corporations
B. electricity boards
C. commercial irrigation projects
D. All of the above

Correct Answer: C. commercial irrigation projects

32. Which of the following is not viewed as a national debt?

A. Provident Fund
B. Life Insurance Policies
C. National Saving Certificate
D. Long-term Government Bonds

Correct Answer: C. National Saving Certificate

33. The condition of indirect taxes in the country’s revenue is approximately

A. 70 percent
B. 75 percent
C. 80 percent
D. 86 percent

Correct Answer: D. 86 percent

34. Deficit financing means that the government borrows money from the

B. local bodies
C. big businessmen

Correct Answer: A. RBI

35. Revenue of the state governments are raised from the following sources, except

A. entertainment tax
B. expenditure tax
C. agricultural income tax
D. land revenue

Correct Answer: C. agricultural income tax

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