Gel Electrophoresis – Section 1

6. In a gel filtration column

A. smaller proteins enter the beads more readily
B. large proteins elute first
C. both (a) and (b)
D. large proteins enter the beads more readily

Correct Answer: C. both (a) and (b)

7. In a native PAGE, proteins are separated on the basis of

A. net negative charge
B. net charge and size
C. net positive charges size
D. net positive charge

Correct Answer: B. net charge and size

8. The subunit molecular weight, as well as the number of subunits in the quaternary structure, can be determined by

A. SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
B. gel filtration chromatography
C. combining information from (a)and (b)
D. isoelectric focusing

Correct Answer: C. combining information from (a)and (b)

9. Proteins are separated in an SDS-PAGE experiment on the basis of their

A. positively charged side chains
B. molecular weight
C. negatively charged side chains
D. different isoelectric points

Correct Answer: B. molecular weight

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