Gas Chromatography – Section 1

1. Which of the following is not used for detection in GC?

A. Infrared spectroscopy
C. Flame ionization
D. Electrical conductivity

Correct Answer: B. NMR

2. Which of these effects result from the slow injection of a large sample volume?

A. Increased resolution
B. Decreased resolution
C. Non-linear detector response
D. Constant resolution

Correct Answer: B. Decreased resolution

3. The GC trace obtained after an experiment is called a

A. chromatograph
B. chromatogram
C. chromatophore
D. graph

Correct Answer: B. chromatogram

4. Which of the following detectors give concentration-dependent signals?

A. Electron-capture detector
B. Thermal conductivity
C. Infra-red detector
D. All of these

Correct Answer: D. All of these

5. What useful information can be found from a Van Deemter plot?

A. The selectivity factor
B. Optimum mobile phase flow rate
C. Optimum column temperature
D. Optimum column length

Correct Answer: B. Optimum mobile phase flow rate

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