Fluid Flow – Section 1

21. Water is a

A. newtonian fluid
B. pseudoplastic
C. dilatant
D. rheopectic

Correct Answer: A. newtonian fluid

22. Which of the following affect the Kolmogorov eddy size?

A. Stirrer speed
B. Physical properties of the liquid
C. Size and type of impeller
D. All of these

Correct Answer: D. All of these

23. A liquid is flowing at 11,400 l.h-1 along a pipeline having a diameter of 4 cm. If the liquid has a density of 1 g.ml-1 and viscosity of 0.001kg .m-1.s-1, then the liquid would be in the

A. laminar phase
B. transient phase
C. turbulent phase
D. any of the phase

Correct Answer: C. turbulent phase

24. The viscosity of a fluid increases with the length of time that it is being mixed. This fluid would be best described as being
A. newtonian
B. rheopectic
C. viscoelastic
D. thixotropic

Correct Answer: B. rheopectic

25. Which of the following can act as a shear protectorant?

A. Serum
B. Silicone oil
C. Glucose
D. Glutamic acid

Correct Answer: A. Serum

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