Enzymes and Kinetics – Section 2

21. Most enzymes work by

A. increasing energy of activation
B. decreasing energy of activation
C. not affecting energy of activation
D. none of the above

Correct Answer: B. decreasing energy of activation

22. Which category of enzymes belongs to class 5 in the international classification?

A. Hydrolases
B. Isomerases
C. Oxidoreductases
D. Cyclase

Correct Answer: B. Isomerases

23. Lock and key theory is based on the compatibility of

A. enzyme and substrate
B. enzyme and product
C. enzyme and enzyme-substrate complex
D. enzyme-substrate complex and product

Correct Answer: A. enzyme and substrate

24. When an enzyme is functioning at Vmax, the rate of the reaction is limited by

A. the number of collisions between enzyme and substrate
B. the number of substrate molecules in the reaction
C. the concentration of the substrate
D. the rate at which the enzyme can convert substrate to product

Correct Answer: D. the rate at which the enzyme can convert substrate to product

25. The equation for the rate of product formation for simple enzyme reaction is given by (Where rmax , maximum reaction rate, Cs substrate concentration, Cp product concentration ES, CES enzyme-substrate concentration)

A. rp= rmax Cs/(Km+Cs)
B. rp= rmaxCs/(Km+ CES)
C. rp= rmaxCs/(Km+CES)
D. rp= rmaxCs/(Km+Cp)

Correct Answer: A. rp= rmax Cs/(Km+Cs)

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