Antibiotics – Section 1

11. Which of the following organism(s) produce(s) tetracycline?

A. Streptomyces aureofaciens
B. Steptomyces ramosus
C. Nocardia sulphurea
D. All of these

Correct Answer: D. All of these

12. Media used for the production of chlortetracycline consists of

A. sugar, corn steep liquor, CaCO3, (NH4)2SO4and NH4Cl
B. corn steep liquor, CaCO3and (NH4)2SO4
C. sugar, CaCO3and (NH4)2SO4
D. corn steep liquor, CaCO3, (NH4)2SO4and NH4 Cl

Correct Answer: A. sugar, corn steep liquor, CaCO3, (NH4)2SO4and NH4Cl

13. Which of the following precursor is added in the medium to get penicillin G?

A. Phenyl carbamic acid
B. Phenylacetic acid
C. Ammonium sulfate
D. Ammonium chloride

Correct Answer: B. Phenylacetic acid

14. High yield of chlortetracycline requires

A. no aeration
B. continuous aeration
C. aeration which does not affect the yield
D. controlled aeration

Correct Answer: B. continuous aeration

15. Streptomycin is produced by

A. S. griseus
B. IS. griseofulvin
C. S. aureofaciens
D. S. ramosus

Correct Answer: A. S. griseus

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