Amino Acid Metabolism – Section 1

11. Tyrosine is degraded to acetoacetyl CoA and fumarate and is described as a

A. glucogenic amino acid
B. ketogenic amino acid
C. ketogenic and glucogenic amino acid
D. keto-gluco amino acid

Correct Answer: C. ketogenic and glucogenic amino acid

12. Transaminase enzymes are present in

A. liver
B. pancreas
C. intestine
D. none of these

Correct Answer: A. liver

13. A person with phenylketonuria will convert

A. phenylalanine to phenylpyruvate
B. phenylalanine to isoleucine
C. phenylpyruvate to phenylalanine
D. tyrosine to phenylalanine

Correct Answer: A. phenylalanine to phenylpyruvate

14. An example of the oxidative deamination is

A. glutamate = hexanoic acid + NH3
B. aspartate + α-ketoglutarate = glutamate + oxaloacetate
C. glutamate = α-ketoglutarate + NH3
D. aspartate + hexanoic acid = glutamate + Oxaloacetate

Correct Answer: C. glutamate = α-ketoglutarate + NH3

15. In the normal breakdown of phenylalanine, it is initially degraded to

A. fumarate
B. tyrosine
C. lysine
D. phenylpyruvate

Correct Answer: B. tyrosine

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